Condemned for a T-shirt with "specific symbols"

At the beginning of September, security forces detained a man who came on vacation in the "Lesnoye" sanatorium.

The basis was a T-shirt with "Chase" and the inscription "#БНР100 May the will be with us forever!".

At the court, the man fully admitted his guilt and explained that at the end of August, he and his wife came to rest at the sanatorium.

One day, he put on a T-shirt and spent some time in it in the administrative building among vacationers, "Viasna" writes.

A "concerned citizen" drew attention to the T-shirt with "specific symbols" and complained to the Dokshytsky Police Department.

As a result, the man was detained, and his shirt was taken away.

A video recording from the sanatorium was attached to the case materials, on which "participation in unauthorized picketing" was recorded.

It is known that in January the man was tried under Art.

24.23 KaOP.

On September 5, the judge of the Dokshytsky District ,

Vyacheslav Eliseyenko

, found the man guilty of "picketing" and arrested him for 15 days, and ordered the destruction of his shirt.