Actresses are good at relying on sexy blog layouts. Taylor Swift directly hollowed out the waistline and exposed the water snake waist. The fabric of Kimura Mitsuki's dress was too little to cover up.

Fifth place" Kong Xiaozhen is full of pink and happy

Kong Xiaozhen attended the Valentino brand event in South Korea and chose to wear the famous pink design of the Valentino 2022 autumn and winter series, such as matching the same color stockings on the show. Cross-body bag, this is Kong Xiaozhen's first appearance after announcing her marriage. Through the lens, she can see the happiness on her face, which goes well with this pink body.

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Kong Xiaozhen in Valentino.

Fourth place" Nayeon's blouse, Zheng Haoyan

, and TWICE's member Nayeon recently shared a new fashion photo on her personal instagram. She chose to wear a gold embroidered dress from the Louis Vuitton 2022 autumn and winter series, and the same white shirt and tie as the show. , In addition, with a black baseball cap, it combines street sex and femininity.

And this look is actually as early as July in "Squid Game" heroine Zheng Haoyan had worn the cover of the magazine. Zheng Haoyan wore it in a hollow way, different from Nayeon in a sexy style, and the two wore completely different looks.

Nayeon in Louis Vuitton.

The same dress Jung Ho-yeon wore as early as July and appeared on the cover of a fashion magazine.

The third place" Taylor Swift's sexy waist steals the spotlight

Taylor Swift attended the awards ceremony and chose a seemingly low-key Michael Kors 2022 autumn and winter black sequin dress, with asymmetrical hollows on the waist to show a slender waist, and her feet AQUAZZURA lace-up heels, paired with the iconic doll head bangs shape, are sexy, cute and individual.

Swift in Michael Kors.

Second place" IU is a rare and handsome fashion week highlight.

IU was invited to attend Milan Fashion Week to enjoy the Gucci 2023 spring and summer fashion show. She chose to wear a neutral suit, with a beige shirt and dark tie, and black pointed feet. The high-heeled shoes, beautiful and handsome image impressed fans deeply, and because of the high-waisted tailoring of suit pants, IU looks like a stature of 180 cm, which is not inferior to the supermodel on the show.

IU in Gucci.

No. 1" Guangxi's super spicy and ultra-small fabric covers

the sun star Kimura Takuya's daughter Kimura Guangxi attended the 2023 spring and summer accessories series held by Bvlgari during Milan Fashion Week. Guangxi chose to wear Valentino's 2022 autumn and winter series. The black jumpsuit, the cut with very little fabric on the chest just hides the point and looks super hot, carrying a Bulgari black clutch bag in her hand, and the low bun shape makes her look mature and fashionable.

Kimura Mitsuki in Valentino.

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