Gao Hongan's discriminatory education scandal caused her negative Internet voice to explode overnight.

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[Reporter Lin Nangu/Taipei Report] Gao Hongan, a legislator of the People's Party and a candidate for the mayor of Hsinchu, continued to discriminate against academic qualifications, causing many people's backlash. Her "first place" statement is the most unbearable. Xie Xinni, a former DPP legislator of "True Love in Taiwan", bluntly said that smart politicians will not be stupid enough to hurt voters.

Xie Xinni said on her personal Facebook at noon today (25th), why don't many politicians always emphasize that they are the number one scholar?

Because the existence of the first place hurts the hearts of the second place, the third place and the last place, "Smart politicians should not be stupid enough to hurt voters!"

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Xie Xinni was a member of the legislature at that time, and was given the title of "Green Camp Pepper".

(Photo taken from Xie Xinni's Facebook)

In fact, the main reason for Gao Hongan's negative voice is that she originally held a press conference to clarify that there was no plagiarism in the paper, but later added, "I, Gao Hongan, grew up today, and I don't talk about a daughter from Beibei and National Taiwan University. Our Normal University is also at the top of the list. Going in, National Taiwan University graduated first in academic performance. Today, we are not like the “Nighttime Department of Chung Hwa University”, so we are going to do a master’s degree in irrigation at National Taiwan University”, which caused an uproar.

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