The underarm bag has become the favorite bag for actresses in 2022.

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It is said that there is always one less bag in a woman's wardrobe. In addition to the practicality of storing out supplies, bags are an indispensable part of clothing matching for celebrities.

To say that the most common bag style in the Korean circle this year is the "armpit bag", which can be mature and sexy, but also sweet and pleasant. Whether you are attending major shows or matching private clothes, you can find that the underarm bag will become the trend in 2022. Trends in popular bags.

Kim Ta-mi: The FENDI Baguette bag shows the elegance of early autumn

as the heroine of "The Witch's First Episode: Birth" Kim Ta-mi, who has won several newcomer awards, is known as a "monster newcomer".

His acting skills are online and he has a tall figure of 170 cm. Since his partner Choi Woo-sik's "That Year, Our Summer" became a hit, the attention of the drama has been increasing day by day, and boutique brands have also come to invite endorsements.

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Kim Duomi, who became the spokesperson of FENDI in May this year, recently appeared at the airport wearing a black skirt with a cream white cardigan, black short boots, and an underarm bag of the same color as the brand.

Jin Duomei chose FENDI's classic medium-sized Baguette handbag, combined with the design of the baguette to highlight the elegant style, and embellished the bag with the three-dimensional texture of the FENDI Logo, which interprets the style of early autumn in a low-key and elegant way.

Kim Duomi wore a black skirt with a creamy white cardigan, and carried a FENDI handbag to show her elegant style.

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Lisa: I love to use Celine MATELASSÉ in private servers 

. Lisa, the first global spokesperson for Celine, has used brand items in the MV for many times. It is often seen that Celine has become the highlight of private servers in daily appearances.

Lisa is wearing a simple black and white top and black trousers, with Celine's MATELASSÉ monochrome hanging shoulder bag on her back, and the shoulder strap is designed with metal chains to enhance the sense of street fashion. With a neat short golden hair, it is difficult to resist even with sunglasses. The star quality that exudes.

Lisa's private clothes love to use CELINE items as dazzling embellishments.

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Run A: MIU MIU Banyue Bao is pretty and fresh.

Girls' Generation's Run A is recognized as the face of the girl group. Her sweet smile and powerful acting skills have made her switch to drama and have been well received. Recently, she was co-starred with Lee Jong Suk in "Black Talk Lawyer" Welcome to the peak of business.

In the photo, the slim dress with horizontal stripes sets off Rune's good figure. The white stockings and dark brown stilettos show a retro style, and the Miu Wander Matelassé nappa soft leather handbag is even more pretty.

Run'e's hand-held MIU MIU bag is designed in a half-moon shape. The exquisite three-dimensional body is soft and cute, which is different from the mature elegance of other underarm bags. This small bag combines retro and fashion. It can be hand-held or matched with leather shoulders. Strap as a shoulder bag, the practical design is suitable for a variety of looks.

The three-dimensional design of the MIU MIU underarm bag blends retro and fashion, with a fresh and sweet style.

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Taeyeon: LV Coussin PM is both practical and trendy.

If you feel that the capacity of the above three underarm bags is too small, you might as well take a look at the LV Coussin PM handbags that are matched with Taeyeon's private clothes.

The iconic LV logo is decorated with floral patterns, and the large-capacity bag design is equipped with thick chain straps and adjustable wide shoulder straps, which can be flexibly changed for different needs.

Taeyeon wears light blue denim suspenders with white inside and outside. The clean and uniform color system creates a visual coolness in the sultry weather with high temperature. With the embossed pattern on the body of the bag, the full spring breath directly overflows the screen.

The LV handbags on Taeyeon's shoulders are decorated with flowers, showing spring and summer style.

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