Microsoft Windows 11 recently released a major update 22H2.

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Microsoft Windows 11 recently released the 22H2 major update. The last version was Windows 11 21H2 in October last year. Although 22H2 is quite stable compared with the previous version, there are still some disasters.

The foreign media Windows Latest took stock of the update disaster of Windows 11 22H2, including stuck during the installation process, BSOD blue and white crashes for very few users, etc., and some users reported that after completing the update, the game will freeze and the game will freeze. The FPS frame rate will suddenly drop when the game is affected, such as "Call of Duty", which seems to be caused by the NVIDIA graphics card.

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According to a post on a foreign Reddit community forum, users who had previously had a preview version reported performance issues with Windows 11 21H2, but unfortunately Microsoft ignored it.

Windows Latest said that NVIDIA completed an investigation earlier and confirmed that the graphics card may cause performance problems in Windows 11 22H2. It has released a repair file to solve it, and users who encounter problems can download it.

Windows 11 22H2 upgrades new features, such as the start menu to add new folders, the return of the "drag and drop" function of the task bar, and real-time subtitle assistance.

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