What do Bollywood actors think about Brahmastra, the person imitated the stars

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt starrer Brahmastra was released in cinemas across the world on 9 September.

While some people liked the VFX, many are not happy with the story.

But have you ever wondered what Bollywood actors said about this film?

Funny video of this mimicry artist can definitely give you some hint.

We guarantee that you will start laughing out loud after watching the video.

Sumedh Shinde shared the clip on his Twitter profile.

In the video, Shinde imitated Bollywood actors Hrithik Roshan, Ranveer Singh, Pankaj Tripathi, John Abraham and many more.

Throughout the video, he talks about the film Brahmastra from the actors' point of view in his voice.

Watch Video:

Actors kya bol rahe hain Brahmastra ke baarein mein #brahmastrareview#brahmastra#sumedhshindey#sumedhshindeymimicry#bollywoodmimicry#moviereview#BrahmastraReviewpic.twitter.com/6LEh85bGwx

— Sumedh Shinde (@sumedhcaddy) September 22, 2022

The video has been viewed more than 7 lakh times so far and is also getting a lot of comments.

People are liking this video very much and everyone is praising Shinde's creativity.

Many raved about what a wonderful imitation Shinde's voice had been.

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