Lin Yuhao suggested maintaining good eye habits, sitting upright, keeping a distance, taking regular breaks, and lighting with appropriate light sources to avoid myopia; situational photos (pictured from freepik).

[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] Seeing children tilt their heads to watch TV, parents worry about whether it is "strabismus".

In this regard, the ophthalmologist said that it is because of long-term use of the eyes, blurred vision.

When a child is tired and can't see clearly in one eye, the other eye will take over the vision, and the head will be tilted involuntarily.

It is recommended to maintain good eye habits, sit upright, keep a distance, rest regularly, and use appropriate light sources to avoid myopia.

Ophthalmologist Lin Yuhao posted on the Facebook fan page "Good Eyes Friend - Hexin Optometry Eye Clinic" that although watching TV with one's head tilted is not necessarily strabismus, such a bad habit can easily lead to vision problems. The appearance of the difference will also exacerbate the situation of tilted head.

In this regard, Lin Yuhao listed 5 good eye habits to help children stay away from myopia.

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●Sit upright, without tilting your head, hunchback, or leaning forward.

●Keep an eye distance of about 35 cm.

●For every 20 minutes of eye use, look at the farthest point of the room and rest for 20 seconds.

●The light source should be 700~1000 Lux (illuminance) when reading, and 1000~1200 Lux (illuminance) when drawing or fine work.

●Increase sunshine time, secrete dopamine to avoid myopia.

Lin Yuhao said that when a child is tired in one eye, he will use the other eye to take over the vision. He also gave an example. When a child has blurred vision in his left eye and wants to focus on seeing something, he will turn his head to the left so that the right eye has better vision. The eye takes over, which is a reflex action of the brain.

In addition, he pointed out that there are also cases where one of the eyes is born with a higher degree of astigmatism, and the opposite eye can see more clearly, which causes the head tilt.

If this happens, be sure to take your child to check their eyesight, and pay attention to the child's eye habits, especially the distance and time that the child watches TV and mobile phones.

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