[Reporter Li Shaoling/Taipei Report] Xu Renjie and his wife Yaxi recently ran into trouble with their 3-year marriage, and it was also rumored that he was in a fake drama with his wife Xie Jingying in "Golden Years". He and Xie Jingying used to show their affection in the drama, but in the content broadcast yesterday (23) night, the two were facing a marriage crisis, so close to reality, many audiences shouted: "What a coincidence!"

Xu Renjie proposed to divorce.

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In the play, Xu Renjie plays the second-generation wealthy "Zhang Yaosheng" in Singapore, who had a one-night stand with the married Xie Jingying after drinking. Xie Jingying's hospital daughter "You Xiangqi" became pregnant because of this, so she divorced her husband "Li Tianbao" Pan Boxi, and later married him. Xu Renjie married and had a son.

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Recently, the producer decided to separate "Yao Sheng" and "Xiang Qi". In the plot broadcast yesterday, Xu Renjie was worried that his mother Liang Younan would be taken away by Wu Haosheng, so he rushed to the airport to save his mother, and at the same time worried that his mother's arrest would involve Xie Jingying's family, Xie Jingying Say to him, "You must not mess around now, you must persevere, please bear with me? Don't ruin all our previous plans just because of impulsiveness."

Xu Renjie filed for divorce from Xie Jingying (left), and the two finally cried and hugged and decided to face it together.

(reproduced from YouTube)

Xu Renjie said, "Xiangqi, you know that every day I open my eyes, I have to face all the difficulties and endure all the last resorts." Then he held Xie Jingying's hand and said, "I have been hurting you and my mother so much, I really I'm sorry, if I could, I would like to divorce you." But Xie Jingying was determined to face Xu Renjie together. In the end, the two cried and hugged to temporarily overcome the crisis of divorce.

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