Over 70 coins and other valuable artefacts were discovered during the excavations in the Lyuitsa fortress near Ivaylovgrad, Bulfoto reported.

The research is a project of the National Archaeological Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, which is financed by the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Ivaylovgrad.

The work of archaeologists is concentrated in the western part of the fortification.

Cooking ovens have been found, suggesting that most likely there was a shop here and trade developed.

"We found more than 70 coins, among them an aspra of Ivan Alexander, silver coins and two perperi of Andronicus II and III. All the materials date from the 1380s to 1353, assuming that in this space to the entrance of the town developed a small market. The facilities themselves are in close proximity to the main entrance of the town and here we found a large amount of animal bones. We have two ovens, almost preserved, in which food was thermally processed and probably traded," he added Philip Petrunov.

Imanyars destroyed a priceless archaeological site being studied by the NIM

city ​​of Ivaylovgrad