The Azerbaijani community living in New York, USA held a picket in front of the UN headquarters.

APA reports that the action was carried out in protest against the large-scale provocation by the Armenian armed forces on the state border of Azerbaijan on September 12-13 and the aggressive policy of the official Yerevan against our country.

Waving the flags of Azerbaijan and Turkey, the participants of the action chanted "Karabakh is Azerbaijan!", "Azerbaijan wants peace!", "Armenia distorts the facts and deceives the world community!", "Armenia, withdraw its illegal troops from Karabakh!", "Armenia, withdraw the peace agreement." sign!", "Armenia, stop the policy of occupation!", "Armenia, stop being a provocateur in the region, stop your military provocations!", "The mines planted by Armenians are killing the civilian population!", "Armenia, stop mining our lands!", "Armenia, missing Submit the information about the fate of our fallen people to Azerbaijan!", "Armenia has destroyed the cultural heritage of Azerbaijan in Yerevan!"

They showed posters with slogans such as

The young people who took part in the action demanded that the UN take strict measures against the aggressor Armenia, which ignores the norms of international law.

Our compatriots informed the passing local and foreign diplomats, local and international community representatives about the occupation policy of Armenia in the historical lands of Azerbaijan and brought to their attention that they demand justice from the UN.

During the two-hour action, the safety of the participants was ensured by the New York police.

It should be noted that members of the Turkish community also participated in the action, which coincided with the 77th session of the UN General Assembly.

The action was organized by the Azerbaijan-American Women's Association of New York and the New York-Azerbaijan Cultural Center, which are member organizations of the Coordinating Council of American Azerbaijanis.