[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] Golden song singer Li Jiuzhe sang in Beiliu tonight (24), and the guests brought in the "baby" Wei Ruxuan to help out. Li Jiuzhe said that the baby has always been very good to him, but he did not expect the baby to say: "How can I treat him very well, because his chest muscles are very good, and he has been undressing him the last time, so I will treat him better." Then he suddenly lifted Li Jiuzhe's clothes, exposing his ice cube abs.

Li Jiuzhe and Wei Ruxuan (left) sang the two songs "No Way" and "You are the reason".

(Photo by reporter Pan Shaotang)

Li Jiuzhe sang the two songs "No Way" and "You are the Reason" with the doll. Li Jiuzhe revealed that he had known the doll's husband Long Chenhan for more than ten years, but did not become familiar with the doll until he attended the awards ceremony this year.

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Li Jiuzhe lifted his shirt to reveal his ice-packed abdominal muscles; on the left is Wei Ruxuan.

(Photo by reporter Pan Shaotang)

After the doll finished singing, for the benefit of all the fans, she lifted Li Jiuzhe's shirt directly. In the end, Li Jiuzhe simply lifted it up by herself to let the audience see it. The doll laughed and shouted, "Ouch, it's so wet!"

Li Jiuzhe simply took off his clothes and let the audience have a good look; on the left is Wei Ruxuan.

(Photo by reporter Pan Shaotang)

In order to thank the doll for his support, Li Jiuzhe said, "I am really grateful to the doll. I don't know how to give back. If you want to date him (Long Chenhan), I can help you look after the child." The doll immediately said, "Yes, please, please. ."

Li Jiuzhe (right) and Wei Ruxuan's husband have known each other for more than ten years, but they only became familiar with Wei Ruxuan (left) this year.

(Photo by reporter Pan Shaotang)

Li Jiuzhe, who loves to cry and is emotional, deliberately endured this time, and did not cry until the second half of the concert, after singing Coldplay's "Fix you".

Li Jiuzhe said frankly on stage that he really misses his family, including his beloved wife Soma Qian in Japan, he said, "I am often lonely when I get home, thinking of my wife, I know that I am leaving her now to give not only her, but also to her. With my family and a better life, I really rarely can accompany them during this time, I am really sorry for them." Thank you Soma Akane for his support and waiting.

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