The leader of the

SVOYA music group Marichka Bodnar

and the singer


presented a joint romantic song "How lonely it is when...", which was dedicated to all lovers.

"And there are not enough words to tell how lonely it is when you are not next to me...".

Artists raise the topic of difficult relationships, when a loved one is far away, at a distance, when you cannot touch, feel, hug him.

When you really want to be close, but reality separates two people.

"The war changed everyone's life, especially the relationship between lovers. Many couples are now separated by fate, some are at war, some are abroad... And these feelings of loneliness and separation are also close to Vasyl and I," Marichka shared.

"I wrote the song for my wife, but when I heard how it sounded, I realized that now many people will find their meaning in these lines," Nakrai added.

We will remind you that earlier 


 presented the composition "Prayer", which it dedicated to Ukrainian soldiers.

The song was based on a poem that has long become a talismanic prayer for defenders.

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