Prince William (left) and Prince Harry (right).

(Associated Press)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth II) passed away on the 8th and held a state funeral ceremony at Westminster Abbey Cathedral on the 19th, gathering members of the royal family, dignitaries and celebrities .

Among them, the royal family's clothing has attracted much attention. Among them, the clothing of Prince William and Prince Harry has caused heated discussions, and the whole network has turned to "him" to win.

Netizens raved that Prince William (left) is more handsome than Prince Harry (right).

(Associated Press)

After Prince Harry retired from the royal family, he still received the attention of the world. Among them, Prince William was a member of the royal family and had a "military rank", so he wore a military uniform and military cap when he attended the Queen's National Funeral; , so wear a black suit to attend the national mourning.

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Prince William was praised by netizens for his handsome face.


As soon as the photo was posted, netizens had a heated discussion: "William is so handsome with a hat!", "Don't cover up with a hat if you quit the royal family!", "William is so handsome~", "William wearing a hat is completely handsome. Huh!", "I think the British royal family's uniform looks great!", "William must be more handsome wearing a crown!"

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