Ah Bao (third from right) and "Atomic Boy" Uranus both chose to wear Taiwanese designer brands to support local fashion.

(Photo by reporter Wang Wenlin)

Taipei Fashion Week 2023 Spring/Summer series show will be held from October 8th to October 28th. This year, a total of 16 Taiwanese designer brands will participate. In addition to the familiar fashion brands in the past, new blood will also be added, such as the menswear brand Be Homme, new generation brand Boo, PCES, etc.

The most amazing thing this season is the great emphasis on aboriginal culture, inviting 5 aboriginal national treasure craftsmen and 5 Taiwanese fashion designers to jointly create 50 sets of clothing to present "Meet: Aboriginal National Treasures Cross-border" Fashion".

The curator also invited Ah Bo, the queen of the golden song, to be the music producer for the show. Ah Bo revealed that he had already taken a look at the brand-new aboriginal series of clothing that has not been exposed yet. Among them, many traditional aboriginal crafts that may be lost, such as fine textile embroidery techniques, can be seen. , will become an important highlight of aboriginal cross-border fashion.

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Abang even personally visited the hometowns of five national treasure craftsmen, and collected the sounds of the craftsmen talking in the workplace, as well as the operating sounds of machines such as looms, and the most proud songs of the indigenous people. It is expected that they will be perfectly integrated into a The most suitable background music for the aborigines show.

Ah Bo and "Atomic Boy" Uranus attended the press conference before the Taipei Fashion Week 2023 Spring/Summer series yesterday (23). Full of aboriginal-style headwear, combining modernity and tradition, Ah Bao said that she is a very active girl, so she especially likes comfortable and unrestrained clothing. She has a very personal style without self-cultivation in a suit. You can also wear thick-soled sneakers without losing your sense of style.

16 designer brands participating in this year's Taipei Fashion Week will be the first to perform at the press conference before the exhibition. The picture shows UUIN.

(Photo by reporter Wang Wenlin)

Be Homme is a brand new fashion brand to join this year.

(Photo by reporter Wang Wenlin)

JENN LEE's newly designed clothing series is very exciting.

(Photo by reporter Wang Wenlin)

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