Autumn has entered Azerbaijan.

According to the information given to APA by the Shamakhi Astrophysical Observatory, the autumn season entered Azerbaijan today at 05:03 Baku time.

Today, the autumn season begins in the northern hemisphere of the Earth with the equinox.

At this time, day and night are equal.

The sun moves along the ecliptic and passes from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere, and from that moment the autumn season begins in the northern hemisphere.

It should be noted that the autumn season in the northern hemisphere will last until December 22.

On December 22 at 01:48, winter will replace autumn.

At this time, the axis of rotation of the Earth will make the greatest angle with the direction of the Sun.

The sun is at a minimum height (26⁰.2) above the horizon.

That day will be the shortest Day and the longest Night.

The length of the day is 9 hours and 17 minutes.

22 seconds, and the length of the night is 14 hours and 42 minutes.

38 sec.

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