VIDEO: Seeing this animal looking like a crocodile in water will not believe the eyes

Often the eyes get deceived.

Sometimes they misunderstand what is seen as something else, due to which people sometimes have to face a lot of trouble, but sometimes the eyes which they think are dangerous, they are something else in reality. Turns out, as can be understood by watching this video that is going viral recently.

In this video going viral, hiding like a crocodile under water, an animal is seen ambushing for hunting.

In the video, as soon as a dog with a leash around his neck enters the water, the animal already hidden in the water suddenly swoops down without wasting time, but the pet dog does not come to his hands.

In the video, as soon as the animal hidden in the water comes out, the people present there are surprised, because the animal hiding inside the water like a crocodile is none other than a dog.

watch video here

New crocodile species has been discovered in South Wales, UK...πŸΆπŸΎπŸŠπŸŒŠπŸ˜…

Discovered by :

β€” oΜ΄gΜ΄ (@Yoda4ever) September 20, 2022

After watching this video which is becoming increasingly viral on the internet, you will surely not be able to control your laughter.

This video has been shared on the social media platform with a Twitter account named 'Yoda4ever'.

While sharing the video, the caption read, 'A new species of crocodile has been discovered in South Wales, UK.'

So far more than 12 million people have watched this video and more than 40 thousand people have liked this video.

In the video, users are very fond of this act of Doggy.

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