The person who was shot in the thigh area died in the hospital.

APA reports that the person admitted to the Clinical Medical Center in Baku with a diagnosis of 3/1 bullet wound in the right thigh died despite the efforts of the doctors.

53-year-old Alasgar Alasgarov, a resident of Humanlar village, who was admitted to the Clinical Medical Center last night, died of gunshot wounds.

He died before the operation.

It should be noted that on the evening of September 19, A. Alasgarov visited the house of his fellow villager Adalat Verdiyev together with his friend Ali Salmanov.

When the latter were arguing, A. Alasgarov was injured when the owner of the house opened fire on A. Salmanov with his own hunting rifle with relevant documents.

As a result of the extensive investigative and operational measures, the suspect was detained and handed over to the investigation along with material evidence.

A criminal case has been initiated and investigations are ongoing.