I have seen a lot of high-quality image blockbusters. This time, the 2022 autumn and winter series of visual photos presented by peter wu will definitely subvert the impression. They are blurred, black and white, and even a little coarse. The background is the familiar Taipei. Designer Peter wants to express his impression of Taipei. Converted into images, but also transformed into clothing.

peter wu released the 2022 autumn and winter series and visual inspiration, mainly paying tribute to the city of Taipei, looking back on the growth experience of designer Peter, and all kinds of hot and cold emotions felt in Taipei have been converted into design myths.

Even the image blockbuster was filmed in Taipei for the first time, and the scenery of Taipei was unobtrusively integrated into the background. It's a declaration, symbolizing Peter's interpretation of feelings, familiar but full of distance.

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The Renai Circle and the Taipei City Skyline have become the visual focus of the Peter Wu 2022 autumn and winter series.

The greenery around the Taipei Basin also became one of the backgrounds.

It is very different from the common boutique image photos. Generally, in order to put the details of the clothing in the front, the blockbusters are all high saturation, inviting celebrities to wear them, etc., just to let people see the key points of the work at a glance.

Peter went the opposite way. He transformed his design inspiration into images and invited directors Lin Junni and Huang Bangquan, who are also artists living in France, to direct the shooting.

Using black and white images to present different high-quality images, sometimes blurred, Peter especially likes an out-of-focus photo while walking, which is exactly the Taipei in his memory.

Designer Peter especially likes this out-of-focus photo.

Director Huang Bangquan (left) and Lin Junni (right) are in charge of the photo shoot of Peter Wu 2022 autumn and winter.

The atmosphere and feeling presented in the series of photos are also in line with the concept of the 2022 autumn and winter series. The color system is the brand's iconic earth color system, such as moss green, iron fog gray, iron brown, matte black, nude white, etc., and is designed with comfort as the design. Inspirational fallacy, while exuding understated elegance and languid sassy.

Highlights include a number of thermal accessories, such as a merino wool turtleneck, and the first-ever cashmere knitted hood; the outerwear is light and comfortable, whether it's a long waterproof jacket or a knitted jacket, especially the Parka nylon long version The waterproof jacket has 4 pockets for practicality.

There are also Japanese denim fabrics tried for the first time, which inject new vitality into daily dresses with three-dimensional tailoring.

The world's first flagship store of peter wu will also be launched on October 13, 2022 at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei Xinyi Xintiandi Hall A9 on the 2nd floor.

peter wu khaki zipper turtleneck scarf, 9,880 yuan.

peter wu khaki balaclava, 12,980 yuan.

peter wu army green parka trench coat, 50,580 yuan.

peter wu nude white Japanese tannin trousers, 19.640 yuan.

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