Wu Shanru, the daughter of Wu Zongxian, the king of variety shows.

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[Reporter Wang Dingchuan/New Taipei Report] In March and April last year, a man surnamed Lin, who was engaged in security work, went to the Facebook fan group of Wu Zongxian's eldest daughter Wu Shanru (Sandy), the eldest daughter of the variety show king Wu Zongxian, and left a message insulting Wu Shanru: "I owe money and do not pay it back. "," "smoking drug offender", "ungrateful", etc., and even choked "Why don't you die?" The defendant, the New Taipei District Prosecutor's Office today charged Lin Nan on charges of aggravated damage to credit.

According to the police investigation, between March and April last year, Lin Nan went to Wu Shanru's Facebook fan group, and he left messages insulting Wu Shanru: "I owe money and do not pay it back", "smoking drug criminal", "ungrateful", and even scolded Wu Shanru. "Why don't you die?" Wu Shanru's assistant reported the case to the Telecommunications Investigation Brigade of the Criminal Bureau, saying that she was threatened by a stranger.

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The police tracked down the account number that left the message, and locked the security guard surnamed Lin in Beishi as involved in the case. They notified him to the case in September last year. When Lin Nan arrived at the case, he admitted that PO threatened to leave a message, but thought that he and Wu Shanru knew each other and did not understand why he wanted to. He filed a lawsuit and was willing to reconcile in private; Wu Shanru's assistant told the police that the two parties did not know each other at all, and no reconciliation had been reached.

During the investigation, Lin Nan admitted that he had posted the post and argued that the content of the message was true, but he could not provide any evidence at all. The prosecution believed that he was involved in the three charges of public insult, aggravated defamation and aggravated damage to credit. He shall be punished on suspicion of aggravating the crime of obstructing credit.

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