Foreign YouTuber measures iPhone 14 car accident detection.

(Picture / Flip YT)

Apple iPhone 14 has car accident detection. Although it is best not to use this function, I believe many people still doubt whether it is really useful?

Foreign YouTube channels have also conducted actual tests to tell you the answer!

TechRax, a YouTube channel subscribed by more than 7.6 million people, sticks an iPhone 14 Pro to the back of a car's driver's seat to remotely control the car to create a fake crash.

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It turns out that as long as the collision is strong enough, the car accident detection of the iPhone 14 Pro in the car can be activated, displaying "You seem to have a car accident" and calling an emergency call.

All four iPhone 14 models support car accident detection. In fact, Google’s Pixel phones have already had this feature and are open to the Taiwan market. However, it is undeniable that the design of the iPhone 14 series is more sophisticated. Car accident data research, more importantly, operates through the four aspects of vehicle speed, air pressure in the vehicle, sudden changes in the direction of travel, and loud impact sounds.

A new high-g accelerometer can detect sharp accelerations or decelerations of up to 256g, a high dynamic range gyroscope is used to detect sharp changes in the direction of the vehicle, and a barometer can detect the impact of an airbag deployment The pressure changes, and the loud sound is recognized by the microphone.

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