We have already told the background story of how Putin tried to pretend to be sick and coughed while recording this address.

Telegram channel Generall SVR published the details of everything that happened before the recording of the video and talked about what happened afterwards.

"All Putin's entourage knows how cowardly Putin is and they, like us, assessed the problems with the president's health that suddenly arose during the recording of the broadcast on Tuesday night as a simulation. Putin was afraid of the reaction of Russian society to his appeal announcing the mobilization and categorically did not want to remain in Moscow after the publication of this video appeal. It would be strange to fly to another region at night, when he has a visit to Veliky Novgorod scheduled for Wednesday, and he decided to play a trick, postponed the recording and, accordingly, the publication of the appeal, allegedly on the recommendation of doctors. In the morning he has already gone to Veliky Novgorod, leaving Moscow to experience the events without him," the channel writes.

Putin / Photo: Associated Press

It is known that Putin's residences in Valdai and Sochi are two places where the dictator usually likes, as the channel writes, "to wait out the turmoil."

This was the case during the protests in the winter of 2021, and this is what is happening now, in September 2022 after the announcement of partial mobilization.

The Russian people, however, still have no idea how cowardly their president is, which cannot be said about the entourage of the "Fuhrer".

Why is Putin afraid of possible "unrest" and mass protests in society?

"It is planned to mobilize 500,000 people by the end of the year and another 500,000 people by March next year! The total estimate of losses by March next year is about 300,000 killed and wounded, these figures are recorded in the plans and reports to the president on the basis of which he made decisions," he writes channel.

Finally, it is worth reminding that the protests in Moscow and other big cities of Russia started yesterday.

Not so massive yet, but everything can change.

They say that measures to ensure mobilization are planned to be the most severe, with a ban on movement even across the country, with the involvement of the forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Russian Guard, with the blocking of the bank accounts of men who evade mobilization.

Protests in Russia / Photo: Associated Press

Protests in Russia / Photo: Associated Press

Protests in Russia / Photo: Associated Press

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