Samsung's new generation of folding flagships this year, the Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, were launched in Taiwan in September.


Start with this year's hottest Samsung folding flagship mobile phone, and a new strategy for "saving your wallet"!

Whether you are picking up a door number or purchasing an empty plane, from now until October 31st, you can purchase the plane at designated channels in Taiwan, including: Far EasTone Taiwan's direct sales, franchised stores and online stores, all purchases of Samsung Galaxy Z series For any foldable mobile phone, in addition to the lucky draw qualification to draw 10 Samsung Shopping Gold every day, at the same time, you can also enjoy a limited-time plus code discount. VIP renewal can be discounted up to 5,000 yuan, and you can log in to enjoy the original three discounts. sell gifts,

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In order to give back to the star fans in Taiwan, Far EasTone and Taiwan's Samsung Electronics jointly announced the launch of the exclusive discount plan for large-scale purchases. From now until October 31, during the event period, go to Far EasTone to buy Samsung Z series foldables For the new machine, the winners of 100,000 shopping credits are drawn every day, and a total of up to 5 million shopping credits will be given away!

The shopping gold can be redeemed for Samsung's designated products at Far EasTone online stores, including tablets, smart watches, Bluetooth headsets, original shells, fast charging heads, etc.

In addition to the lucky draw of shopping gold, there are also limited-time plus code discounts.

Taking the Far EasTone VIP renewal as an example, you can enjoy a discount of up to 5,000 yuan on the purchase of the new Samsung Z series folding machine.

If you hold an old phone and go to Yuanchuan store to buy a new Samsung folding phone, you can now add a discount for a limited time. Together with the old phone recycling money, you can save up to about 21,000 yuan when you buy a new Samsung folding phone.

In addition, apply from now until September 30th, including purchasing an empty plane or matching door number, you can enjoy a maximum reward of 2,000 Yuanbian Coins, which can be used to pay bills through the Heart Life App, or go to the friDay shopping station. Credit when hundreds of thousands of items are used.

In addition, you can enjoy 3 months of Far EasTone friDay audio and video for 0 yuan, log in to enjoy the three original gifts (until 10/31), go to Far EasTone to buy a full range of Samsung models, and also get a co-branded eco-friendly bag.