For many years, Marchenko was a sponsor of crimes that took place in Ukraine, and together with her husband openly supported Putin.

We decided to tell what is known about her personality, millions, expensive things, companies and how her gift to her husband-politician became a new symbol of corruption, overshadowing even Yanukovych's golden loaf and Pshonka's house.

Oksana Marchenko and Viktor Medvedchuk

Family and work

Oksana Marchenko was born in the village of Chabany near Kyiv, she allegedly dreamed of becoming a doctor and even entered a medical school after the eighth grade, but due to the fact that her mother had a third child, she was forced to help at home and took away her documents.

Why she didn't repeat her dream after finishing school is unknown, but instead of the medical faculty, she entered the historical faculty of the Pedagogical University named after M. P. Drahomanov.

While still studying at the university, Oksana began to take her first steps in the world of television and at the age of 19 became the face of the TV channels "YUTAR" and "UT-1", hosted the programs "Restricted Tuesdays", "Good morning, Ukraine!".

Oksana Marchenko with her parents and sister

While working, Marchenko met her first husband, Yuriy Korzh, a businessman, the son of a People's Deputy.

In this marriage, the couple had a son, Bohdan, but the boy never bore his father's surname.

The TV presenter did not comment on the details of her life with her first husband, but it is known that in the spring of 1999 she met Viktor Medvedchuk, a politician and lawyer, who was also married at the time.

As a result of the affair, both filed for divorce and began to live together.

At that time, Marchenko's son was 4 years old and, in fact, Medvedchuk raised him.

It is known that Bohdan and Viktor have a good relationship.

The couple probably took their time with the wedding, because it took place in 2003.

Oksana Marchenko and Viktor Medvedchuk / Photo: UNIAN

A year after the wedding, in 2004, Marchenko and Medvedchuk had a daughter, Daryna.

It is interesting that even at that time the politician had close relations with the Russian elite, and the girl's godparents are the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the wife of Dmitry Medvedev, who at that time held the position of the head of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation.

The girl was baptized in the Kazan Cathedral of St. Petersburg.

Svetlana and Dmitry Medvedev with Putin / Photo: Getty Images

Little is known about Marchenko's children, except that the son Bohdan studied in Switzerland, at the school of St. George.

On October 10, 2020, at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, a young man got married in an elite institution on the banks of the Dnipro in Kyiv.

Bohdan Marchenko's chosen one was a girl named Kateryna, a make-up artist and photographer from Kyiv.

The elite wedding was attended by many Ukrainian politicians, stars and businessmen.

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Oksana Marchenko's son's wedding / Photo:

The bride shone in an expensive dress and diamonds.

Until recently, the girl actively shared various photos on her Instagram page, which showed not only branded clothes, cars and Cartier jewelry for thousands of dollars, but also the couple's luxurious apartments and their vacations abroad.

In 2021, Bohdan and Kateryna had a son, who was named Viktor in honor of Bohdan's stepfather.

It is not known where the couple is now and what they are doing, but it is quite likely that before the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, they fled either to Russia or to Europe.

On social networks, Oksana's daughter-in-law did not write a single word about the war.

Ekaterina with her son Marchenko / Photo: Ekaterina Marchenko's Instagram

Ekaterina Marchenko shopping at the Dolce&Gabbana store / Photo: Ekaterina Marchenko's Instagram

Ekaterina Marchenko and Oksana Marchenko / Photo: Ekaterina Marchenko's Instagram

As for the daughter of Marchenko and Medvedchuk Dasha, there are also few details about her.

After Bohdan's wedding, a video of the girl singing Lady Gaga's song hit the Internet.

Also, the politician himself said in an interview with a pro-Russian channel that his daughter graduated from school in Kyiv, and then planned to get an education at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, but did not receive a visa.

Due to this situation, Dasha entered another university and studies there.

He did not specify exactly where and in which country.

It is interesting that despite the fact that the politician's children study and live abroad, he, as an ardent admirer of the "Russian world", opposes the West and its values.

"Yes, I speak out against external governance - the external governance of the USA and the West. And I will speak out," Medvedchuk said at the time.

Daughter of Oksana Marchenko and Viktor Medvedchuk / Photo: Espresso.TV

As for the career of Marchenko herself, after meeting Victor, she went up rapidly.

In 2000, Oksana founded the television company "Omega-TV", debuted with the social and entertainment show "My profession", and then with the political talk show "Chas".

In 2007, Marchenko launched the author's program in Russian "Oksana Marchenko Show".

However, real fame came to her in 2009, when Oksana started working on the TV channel STB, where she hosts the shows "Ukraine has talent" and "X-factor".

Oksana Marchenko / Photo: UNIAN

Oksana Marchenko / Photo: UNIAN

During all these years, the TV presenter appeared as a guest in other programs, which were sometimes filmed in her luxurious house, but the interiors of the country estate were shown only in fragments, and no one ever knew how the deputy's wife really lives.

As for Marchenko's outfits for broadcasts, she herself admitted without too much modesty that everything she appeared on stage in was purchased by her personally, some dresses were exclusive and, accordingly, cost thousands of dollars.

Oksana Marchenko / Photo: UNIAN

"These were my dresses. Many of them were created specifically for broadcasts. These are dresses of world designers: Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Elie Saab, Carolina Herrera, Chanel, Oscar De La Renta, Zac Posen, Valentino, Zuhair Murad, Alessandra Rich. I worked in dresses and Ukrainian designers - Kraskina, Shakhovskaya, Navrotskaya, Russian - Sergiyenko, Terekhova. Now they are kept at my house. Some dresses were given to my nieces, relatives, because no one canceled graduations, weddings. There are dresses that have never been worn . It's interesting, but two or three more dresses were sewn or bought for the broadcast than was necessary. And depending on the mood, depending on the topic, I chose one or another dress. I could change it at the last moment," Marchenko said about the wardrobe for the show.

Oksana Marchenko / Photo: UNIAN

The luxurious jewelry of the TV presenter, in which she appeared in front of the cameras, was also real.

Religion and strange projects

Among the friends of the Medvedchuk family were not only Russian politicians and oligarchs, but also stars.

Oksana often said that she was friends with Kirkorov and Baskov, recorded interviews with them, showed joint photos from vacations and events, and did PR on social networks.

Oksana Marchenko and Philip Kirkorov / Photo: Instagram/Oksana Marchenko

Several strange stories with these pro-Kremlin artists appeared on the celebrity channel.

The interview was taken for her TV series "Pilgrim", which aired on the ROC channel "Spas", whose general director is an outspoken Ukrainophobe, Boris Korchevnikov.

According to the plot of the series, Oksana travels around the world and visits various temples, meets with priests, but in reality her show is permeated not only with money, lies, but also with outright propaganda, as can be seen from the first series, which begins with the words: "I belong to the people who they remember the Soviet Union and their mother's tears when Brezhnev died."

Oksana Marchenko / Photo: UNIAN

At the same time, the "pilgrim" Oksana drives BMW cars, wears things from expensive brands, including Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana.

Marchenko often records interviews in Russia and has openly supported the Moscow Patriarchate.

War sponsorship and government threats

Money for the "innocent act" of the billionaire TV presenter was earned not only by her many years of work in entertainment talk shows.

Thanks to the investigations of the "Money" and "Schemes: Corruption in Details" programs, it became known that Marchenko is the owner of the Novoshakhty Oil Refinery Plant in the Rostov region of Russia.

It is this plant that has been supplying oil products to the militants of the self-proclaimed "DPR" and "LPR" for many years.

At the same time, according to documents, Viktor Medvedchuk has almost no business in Ukraine.

In the summer of 2020, in the declaration, he noted 97 companies and firms registered to his wife, luxury real estate, several cars, including a Mercedes-Benz Maybach S650, land, the real value of which was underestimated, jewelry, works of art and other expensive things.

Oksana Marchenko / Photo: UNIAN

After the war sponsorship was exposed, Viktor Medvedchuk and Oksana Marchenko were sanctioned: all the family's accounts were apparently blocked.

"I will not reveal a big secret, and this is open information: 14 kilometers from our border, on the territory of the Russian Federation, one of the oil refineries owned by Medvedchuk, together with his wife, and Kozak (associate of Medvedchuk, owner of channels 112, ZIK) is located and NewsOne - Ed.), also together with his wife. We have enough evidence that this is a terrorist group that deliberately finances and helps militants. On the basis of which the meeting was held today, there was a report from the SBU, all relevant documents were provided." - said Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security Council.

It is worth noting that sanctions were also applied to the politician's

Royal Romance yacht

and planes that illegally flew on the Kyiv-Moscow route, and the companies that service them.

Medvedchuk's yacht Royal Romance / Photo:

Oksana Marchenko's son is Bohdan / Photo:

After the introduction of sanctions, Oksana Marchenko recorded a video message in which she openly threatened the President of Ukraine and announced that she was entering politics.

"You, without realizing it yourself, forced me to take up political weapons in order to stand by my husband and go to our common goal with one front. Now, instead of one Medvedchuk, you also got Marchenko, who never aspired to enter politics. But you did not left me a choice," said Viktor Medvedchuk's wife.

At the same time, Marchenko stated that her family is "the most ordinary and modest", and everything that is said about her is slander.

Escape from Ukraine

The information that Russia is planning to invade Ukraine circulated on the Internet for a long time, but just a few days before it happened, on February 18, Marchenko, accompanied by security in a huge SUV,

fled to Belarus


At the same time, the TV presenter's husband escaped from house arrest.

On April 12, Medvedchuk was found, and his photo was personally

shared by President Zelensky


Viktor Medvedchuk / Photo: Facebook/Volodymyr Zelenskyi

Oksana Marchenko, on the other hand, recorded several videos in which she stated that her husband did not break any laws, and the SBU is holding him illegally.

Golden carriages and million dollar homes

After Marchenko left Ukraine,

many interesting things

were found among her and her husband's arrested property .

It concerns two property complexes, seven apartments, vehicles and valuable art objects.

For example, more than 300 paintings by famous artists and even

a real train car

, which stood on the territory of the house in Pushcha-Vodytsa, were seized from the former star.

Photo "Investigation.Info"

Photo "Investigation.Info"

Photo "Investigation.Info"

This carriage was given to her husband by Oksana, and in addition to being completely made of gold and velvet, it is also the couple's nostalgia for the USSR - the carriage is called Stanytsia Dalnya, probably after an old Soviet film.

But this is not the only real estate of the couple.

Marchenko also has a house in Crimea, in which, despite the occupation by Russia, they continued to rest every year.

How much real estate the family actually owns is unknown.

Oksana Marchenko's house in Crimea / Photo: screenshot from the video

Oksana Marchenko's house / Photo: screenshot from the video

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