[Reporter Xu Yuwen/Taipei Report] "Essential Words" invites artist Lin Ziyou, senior media person Lin Yufeng, lawyer Su Jiahong, and psychoanalyst expert Qiu Wenren to discuss "every disaster and festive season". Lin Ziyou said that when she was just married, she At the time of the earthquake, Brother Xiaoliang immediately turned over to protect her. The host Xie Zhenwu exclaimed, "This is true love!" Lin Ziyou joked, "Because I was pregnant with his child at the time," but she also said that being protected by Mr. warm.

Lin Ziyou talks about "Tear off your relatives every time during the festive season" in "Zhen Zhen You Ci".

(Hezhan Film and Television)

In addition to the sudden earthquake, how to get along with family members during the festival is also a big test. Some netizens wrote that they are the eldest daughter-in-law, and they have to serve the whole family barbecue during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The butt left without even paying the money. Her mother-in-law's words, "Long-term daughter-in-law is like a mother", made her super collapse.

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Lin Ziyou, who married into a big family, was very impressed with this case. She said, "Because most of Xiaoliang is sleeping, he can't help." Money is in charge of equipment and ingredients, making it easy and happy to bake.

Lin Ziyou said that as the eldest daughter-in-law and married into a large family, every New Year or major festival, there are inevitably many problems and comparisons in getting along with each other, "This society puts too much pressure and responsibility on the eldest sister-in-law, and it seems natural to have everything. meeting".

Lin Ziyou has her own set of solutions, she chooses to work to make money, "It's too difficult for my husband to choose between mother and wife, so I choose to go out to work to make money, and ask the hourly aunt to help with the housework. Everyone keeps a distance and respects each other. You can also change your mood.”

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