Use neem leaves to cure itching on the skin.

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  • Neem leaves will give relief from itching on the skin.

  • Garlic also gives relief in skin problems.

  • Aloe vera gel and coconut oil also provide relief in skin related problems.

Skin problem:

Everyone is struggling with skin related problems.

Some face is dry and some are very oily.

Some have too many pimples on their face.

Due to which the beauty of people's face fades.

In such a situation, it remains in the minds of people that they can get rid of all these problems by doing whatever it takes.

Today in this article we will tell you how to get rid of itchy rash, let's know about it.

Itchy rash remedies

home remedy for rashes and itchiness

If you want that you can get rid of itchy rash, then boil neem leaves and mix them in the bathing water.

This will give relief from itching.

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Put some buds of garlic in mustard oil and heat it, then filter it and apply it on the skin.

This will give you relief soon.

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Put the juice of Aak leaves and turmeric pulp in mustard oil.

Then apply it on the affected area.

This will give relief in itching. 

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Apart from this, aloe vera gel and coconut oil also helps in relieving skin problems.

You can apply aloe vera gel on the affected areas.

You will get relief from this soon.

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