TOM FORD New York Fashion Week scene moved to Kaohsiung Hanshen Arena new cabinet debut

Wu Zhuoyuan appeared on the platform as a brand friend, perfectly interpreting the high-end fashion face with the Y2K makeup that is being rammed in New York Fashion Week.

The top boutique brand TOM FORD, which just ended New York Fashion Week last week, has a constant ambition to dominate fashion. The beauty counter is stationed in the charming Hong Kong capital Kaohsiung, and it has recruited "village wife" Wu Zhuoyuan Julia to attack directly, so as to be pure and lustful. The beautiful autumn Y2K makeup perfectly interprets the fashion attitude of "high-order fashion face".

The brand new TOM FORD BEAUTY counter in Kaohsiung Hanshin Arena is grandly opened today (21st), with MR. FORD's favorite fashionable black, white and gray three colors, with the silver-gray mirror material, vanity mirror and other accessories designated by the fashion week backstage, you can sit easily With high fashion and fashion, yesterday (20th), I invited a brand friend Wu Zhuoyuan to take the lead to take a look at the sexy charm of New York Fashion Week.

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Wu Zhuoyuan appeared in a fashionable black outfit with the most popular "pine and cypress green" makeup in autumn and winter. She said that makeup is like music creation to her. It not only requires high quality, but also cares about whether it can express "I am me". Style, she praised the metallic luster and delicate texture of the four-grid eye plate, which made her fall in love with it. Through different ways of stacking, she created a different feeling. "Just like my music, it is not limited!" Even the lip gloss is made of two types. The texture of the lipstick is made by stacking it, making makeup a very happy CHILL thing!

TOM FORD BEAUTY entered the Hanshin Arena in Kaohsiung and moved the designated scenes of New York Fashion Week.

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