Roger Vivier's new autumn and winter shoes are inspired by lemon trees for many years, and then push the knee boots to wear a modern urban style

Roger Vivier recreates the swan sculpture that caught the eye at the Paris show at Bellavita Cabinet Point in Taipei.

The French boutique accessories brand Roger Vivier held a preview event for autumn and winter products yesterday (20th). Not only did the creative director Gherardo Felloni focus on the new changes of the unique heel and classic buckles, but also the giant swan sculpture at the Paris exhibition. Recreated in the flagship store in Taipei, perfectly presenting the collection's inspiration for the elegant, graceful gesture of the swan.

Roger Vivier adds a special design to the heel every season. This season is inspired by the creative director's own lemon tree. Not only does it create a stylish oval heel in the shape of a lemon, but the front diamond buckle is 42 different The size of the crystal is combined into the shape of lemon blossom, and the refreshing macaron tone is used to perfectly present the fresh atmosphere when the flowers are in full bloom.

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The only "I Love Vivier" series that is not decorated with diamond buckles is inspired by antique jewelry this season. Hand-set rhinestones are used to decorate a three-dimensional bow shape. The sole also retains a two-color insole, cleverly adding a heart-shaped Sweet details, beautiful design with almost no dead ends.

The "Viv' Go-Thick" series has always been full of personality. This season, the over-the-knee boots have been launched for many years. With classic square buckles and light and thick rubber soles, you can easily wear a modern urban style.

The oval rhinestone heel is inspired by the creative director's own lemon tree.

Satin crystal buckle sandals, 80,000 yuan.

Inspiration from antique jewelry is also added to the collection, with delicate crystal buckles presenting the graceful contours of bows.

Lace-up sandals, 90,000 yuan.

Roger Vivier rarely launched over-the-knee boots, 99,600 yuan.

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