The finalist of the 11th season of the "Bachelor" show -

Yuliya Belchenko "Zaika"

- demonstrated a beautiful outfit from a new photo set.

In the photo, the girl appeared in a red jacket and without a skirt, dress or pants.

She was wearing either a bodysuit or just underwear.

She complemented the outfit with a beautiful hairstyle with curls and makeup with an emphasis on red lipstick.

Yulia had a charming feminine appearance.

Yulia Belchenko "Hare" / Photo: Yulia Belchenko's Instagram

She posed sitting on the floor next to a mirror in an exquisite golden frame.

It will be recalled that earlier Belchenko showed photos in which she appeared in a daring bow.

"Bunny" boldly flashed her bare breasts at the camera.

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