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Reading is among the activities that develop and enrich the personality, goes the popular belief, but some rappers might disagree.

Kanye West has admitted that he has never read a single book in his life and has an aversion to reading in general.

"You mentioned that I haven't read that book, but actually I haven't read any book," the singer said in an interview with the AloMindFull podcast, quoted by Billboard.

– To me, reading is like eating Brussels sprouts.

And the talk about it is like ravioli with corn filling.''

The confession from the rapper, who has officially changed his name to Ye, didn't stop him from discussing a book with host Danny Harris, who failed to mention its title.

“It's about two types of people: those who think they can and the others who don't believe they can.

Both are right - Ye did a literary analysis of the unfamiliar title.

"That was clear from your words, but I am presenting the simplified version."

A US court has allowed rapper Kanye West to change his name

Later in the conversation, the rapper shared his thoughts on fashion, music and his other business ventures: “Now that we've talked about language, I've realized something: It's not that I'm wrong — wait, that's good — but I'm just sometimes wrong now.

I'm not right at the moment, not that I'm not right at all.

And I have to be here and now, because it's not good to rush forward.

Because then what happens?

You are losing the audience," writes Ploshchad Slaveykov.

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