Massive fight between two women at toll plaza

A video of a fierce fight between two women has surfaced on social media at Pimpalgaon toll plaza in Nashik.

One of them was an employee of the toll plaza, while the other seemed to be a passenger.

In the clip, the two were seen pulling each other's hair and slapping each other several times, even as the people present tried their best to stop the brawl.

The caption of the Twitter post read, 'A shocking incident has come to light that there was a fierce fight between women at Pimpalgaon toll booth near Nashik.

The video showed two sari-clad women repeatedly punching, abusing and slapping each other.

One of them is also heard threatening to tear off his sari amid a debate in Marathi.

At the end of the video, a crowd of spectators is seen intervening and driving away the women.

The incident happened on Wednesday over the toll fee.

Watch Video:

A shocking incident has come to light that a fierce fight took place between women at the Pimpalgaon toll booth near Nashik.

β€” .ℝ𝕒𝕛 (@Rajmajiofficial) September 15, 2022

Meanwhile, in another similar incident, a man slapped a woman employee of a toll booth in Madhya Pradesh last month after she refused to let her go without paying tax.

The incident was captured on CCTV.

The man claimed that he is a local and hence he should be exempted from paying the toll fee.

But he did not have any documents to prove it.

Later a case was registered against the accused.

In another viral clip, a group of people on bikes were seen approaching the toll plaza with sticks and sticks.

One of them was seen hitting toll barricades with a stick.

The police, however, said that no case has been registered against them as the toll staff has mentioned only one person in their complaint.

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