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The singer Stanley's ex-Natalia Simeonova not only forgave him, but also explained her love to him. recalls that the two experienced a stormy love nearly 30 years ago.

They met in 1990, when she was a journalism student and not yet popular.

He was already a star of the group "Tangra".

"He courted me for a very long time. At that time I was obsessed with preparing for the journalism exams and I was not in the mood for romantic feelings. Then he said that on the day of my final exam, at one o'clock in the morning, he would stand at the airport in Varna and will wait for me until I come so that we can go to the sea together. I said to myself: "What, why not do this experiment?"

I took the plane to Varna with the absolute conviction that since he was a hunter, I would have fun for a few days and leave. And so our relationship lasted for three and a half years, during which all his acquaintances wondered what was happening to him. and the finale he said: "What did you do to me, change my views 180 degrees and leave me to suffer?".

Natalia Simeonova: I have been waiting for Denis to return for 15 years!

The relationship between Natalia and the Bulgarian Sting started as a joke and lasted 3 and a half years - until the moment when the former host met the more promising Denis Rizov.

Stanley claims that she cheated on him with the businessman, while Simeonova claims that he first cheated on her with a singer.

The two have been frozen for many years, but today they love each other again, albeit from a distance. recalls that Natalia has been living in America for two years with Rizov, with whom she has never divorced.

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