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One of the favorite Bulgarian actresses - Kateto Evro, once again showed a sense of humor and originality with the way she celebrated September 15th.

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This is what the star wrote on "Instagram" on the occasion of the first day of school: "First grader Katerina Ilieva, soon to be Kateto Evro! I always wanted to be an actress, I knew it at the age of 7! And if for most children this is what the picture looks like, "I I am already literate", for me this is the picture and the look "I know I will become an actress". Today, a few years later, I dream that my Kathy, who will now be in the first grade, will have the same luck to make her dreams come true and to become the way she wants! Which grandmother does not dream of this! Judging by Sashko, who is my pride, I know that Kati will not disappoint us either!".

"And in the meantime, we are preparing her hard for the first day of school, because a good education is the number 1 factor for success!", writes Kateto Euro to the kind memories she uploaded on social networks.

The occasion for the photo, with which she delighted her followers, is the start of the new school year," writes Kateto Evro. 

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