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The people of Nashe are practically not in the habit of taking care of their health: "it will pass by itself" and "everything is fine" - this seems to be the motto of most people over 50 years old.

Fortunately, the attitude of young people to health is much more responsible, doctors say.

Don't ignore high blood pressure, even if you're 30

FederalPress identifies 10 non-obvious reasons for a medical emergency.


So that there is no "it will go away by itself!" later.

1. Blood where it shouldn't be.

 Bloody discharge in urine, stool, semen and sputum when coughing is a reason for an urgent visit to the doctor, as it can have symptoms of a mass of various diseases, including cancer.

In the early stages, it is much easier to avoid a severe development of the diagnosis.

2. Unreasonable weight loss. 

If you're losing weight without dieting or killing yourself in the gym, you should see a doctor.

Weight loss is a common symptom of developing cancer or diabetes.

3. Fatigue.

 Tired since morning?

It could be anything from depression to a lack of vitamin D. However, don't dismiss fatigue as it can signal much more serious problems.

4. Sweating.

 It's normal to sweat when running.

In the sauna.

On the beach.

However, excessive sweating under normal circumstances is also a signal.

It can warn, for example, of coronary artery blockage.

5. Thirst.

 If you cannot quench your thirst and constantly run to the toilet, it would be nice to donate blood for sugar and visit an endocrinologist.

Of course, we are not talking about situations where you got carried away the day before and overindulged in herring.

An alarm bell is an unreasonable and inexplicable thirst.

6. Problems with the toilet.

 If constipation appears, especially accompanied by bouts of loose stools and you even have a stomach ache, nausea, heartburn, do not drink drugs recklessly, get examined by a gastroenterologist.

This can be a symptom of both a minor problem and a serious illness that requires urgent attention.

7. Non-healing wounds. 

Cut yourself two weeks ago, but the wound is not healing at all?

This can mean serious problems, such as diabetes or oncology.

8. Frequent colds. 

If you notice that you've started getting sick more often than usual, talk to a therapist about it.

Such deterioration of immunity is not without reason, you need to understand what the problem is.

9. Lumps, nodules and moles.

 Any seals, nodules, balls under the skin anywhere are a reason to visit a specialist.

As well as growth or change in the color and shape of the mole.

Often such things are related to oncology, but here it is better not to delay.

10. Yellowed skin.

 If your skin has turned an unusual jaundiced hue, check your liver immediately.

Yellowing of the whites of the eyes is also an important signal.

In general, we recommend understanding and acceptance: the human body is a fragile thing and requires careful treatment.

And it is better to visit a doctor in vain, excluding all possible bad options, than to receive a diagnosis when nothing can be done, writes "Blitz".