Lithuanian border guards recorded an attempt by migrants to illegally enter the territory of their country from Belarus.

The agency claims that it was the Belarusian border guards who helped the illegals cross the fence by cutting the barbed wire, reports

According to the publication, representatives of the State Border Guard Service of Lithuania reported that on Sunday, September 11, two unknown masked men ran up to the physical barrier on the border from the Belarusian side in the Vilnius district and began to cut the barbed wire and the security barrier.

The agency is convinced that these were "Belarusian officials or their wards."

Migrants, according to the border guards, stood aside and waited.

Lithuanian border guards recorded these actions and passed the information on to the patrols.

They arrived on the scene less than a minute later, and those who tried to cut the fence ran away, one of them getting tangled in the barbed wire.

5 migrants followed them.

According to the Lithuanian agency, the video also captured "patrolling" Belarusian border guards with scissors for cutting metal (these scissors are used to damage the fence).

Border guards also claim that Belarusian services bring migrants to the border with Lithuania and coordinate illegal border crossings.

From the end of July to the beginning of August, Lithuania recorded an increase in the number of illegal migrants from Belarus.

In total, since August 3, 2021, Lithuania has not let in almost 13,000 illegal migrants who tried to enter the country from Belarus, some of them tried to enter Lithuania more than once.

In 2021, almost 4.2 thousand migrants arrived illegally from Belarus to Lithuania.

On September 7, Lithuania handed Belarus a note of protest in connection with "repeated cases of intentional damage to the physical fence (protective fence and barbed wire) on the Lithuanian state border."