Policeman wore helmet with full respect and chanting, see VIDEO

Police Viral Video:

Many people lose their lives every day in road accidents.

In this, the drivers themselves create trouble for themselves by making many mistakes like driving at high speed and overtaking.

At the same time, people are seen narrowly avoiding serious injuries when they are wearing helmets in such accidents.

In such a situation, the police are sometimes seen making people aware by cutting challans, sometimes in some unique way, for wearing helmets on motorcycles.

Some time back, many similar videos had surfaced, in which sometimes while giving roses, sometimes dancing, police drivers were seen teaching the lesson of traffic rules.

Recently a similar video is going viral, seeing which users are not tired of praising the policeman.

watch video here

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In this video going viral, instead of cutting the challan, a policeman is seen reciting the mantra to the bike rider wearing a helmet, whose video is becoming increasingly viral on the internet.

Often such a unique style of Indian police goes viral on social media, seeing that everyone becomes a fan of these police personnel.

In the video, a police officer is seen appealing in a unique way to two wheeler riders to wear helmets.

It can be seen in the video that a bike rider is caught without a helmet, instead of cutting it, the policeman is seen wearing a helmet after reciting the mantra.

Further in the video you will see that the policeman says to the driver with folded hands that, I am praying with folded hands that while driving from the front, the helmet must be worn or else the face has been remembered and if caught next time, five times the challan will be deducted.

The driver also says that he will not make this mistake from now on.

This video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram, which is being seen and liked a lot.

After seeing the police, users are praising the police personnel, giving more than one reaction on it.

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