The famous page reveals the chat. Female comedian looks philanthropic, luxurious life, but floating, not paying employees' wages.

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9 Sep 2022 16:59





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It became a hot topic in the online world immediately.

When the popular entertainment page

Jay Moi 108 V1

posted a chat from a netizen who asked for advice about a female comedian who looked lavish and philanthropic, but left without paying employees.

and write a caption

“When I asked who

just give me a hint

Do you think that Gudao is right?



in which the chat

This netizen sent a message saying

“I have a request for advice.

business owner

one online product

are both comedians

Is a famous online seller who likes to make merit. Recruited 50 admin staff. In the beginning, the business was good.

During the period after the discount, exchange, give away products, until a loss, pressure on employees by allowing them to work at home.

Paying wages as a commission, wages gradually decrease, income is good only for people.

or their own party

Later, not even the minimum wage.

Employees do not demand

Because he kept saying to wait until 1 year to find an excuse to cut people out.

by not working

Eject the name so that the wages will not be paid.

Since the employee does not work, it is not paid.

There was not a single word of conversation with the staff.

Latest salary 3 thousand baht. Employees don't agree.

Came back to inform the staff that it was not cut off.

But the next day, the subordinates

Ask for information to remove everyone's name.

but only keep some

Claims to update the system indefinitely.

Employees are not set up, no money, many pregnant people, no advance notice

Employees called for clarification.

But let the accounting department inform that

The company has no money, the owner of the company is sick.

Never came out to discuss any problems at all. The reason was because I didn't want to pay the wages.

The employee asked for a document saying that the person was excluded to apply for social security, but filed it.

The company filed that the contract was terminated even though there was no contract signed.

therefore unable to request compensation for termination of employment

Just regular unemployment

All the employees are out of the way.

too heartless

The image looks good, philanthropic, acts luxurious, but the staff can't find work in time. Difficult to find a way to continue. Everyone is burdened. Therefore, they come to consult the media.

What can I do?”

with a large number of netizens commenting

And guess who this comedian is?

But whether this is true or not remains to be seen.