What Damages Your Lungs: There are many things that can cause lung damage.

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  • There are certain things that can cause damage to the lungs.

  • Why do the lungs get damaged, although no single factor is responsible for this.

  • Damaged lungs also spoil your quality of life.

Lung Disease Causes: Not only smoking, you can not even imagine how harmful many other things can be for your lungs.

The things you use daily can have harmful effects on your lungs in the long run.

Damage lungs also spoil your quality of life.

We discuss the worst foods for lungs many times, but there is much more that can cause lung damage.

Why do the lungs get damaged, although no single factor is responsible for this.

Once lung disease occurs, it can hardly be cured.

In such a situation, it is important to know about those things from which you need to avoid.

Factors that damage the lungs

Lung Damaging Factors

Below are some of the foods and conditions that can cause damage to the lungs, the severity of which depends on the degree of exposure.

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As we all know, cigarettes contain toxic substances that trigger inflammation and destroy the lung structure.


If too much moisture is present, mold can grow and be harmful to your airways.


Breathing in chemical-laden air with toxic gases, chlorine, cleaning supplies and other things can put you at risk of lung diseases.


The lung tissue can over time accumulate dust and particles that injure the airways.

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Breathing in air pollutants can not only irritate your airways, but it can also damage the lungs in the long run.

Side effects of these things.

Side Effects Of These Things

Be it mold, dust, chemicals or anything else, it can have many side effects.

This includes:

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Tips to protect your lungs from damage

Tips To Protect Your Lungs From Damage

While exposure to things like air pollution and dust cannot be completely avoided, there are ways to protect your lungs that you can do.

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1) Check air pollution forecasts to see if the air is healthy enough to be outside for a long time.

2) Avoid exercising in high traffic areas as pollution levels are often very high in those places.

3) If you use chemicals for cleaning the house, keep your windows open to let the fresh air in.

4) If you are a smoker, now is the time to quit.

The sooner you decide to quit, the better it is for your lungs.

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5) Invest in an air purifier that can clean the air from pollutants, allergens and toxins.

6) Keep areas with high humidity, such as your shower, clear of mold.

Now that you know which substances and chemicals cause harm and how to avoid them, it's time to make your lung health a priority!

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