The well-known rapper from Gjilan, Fero reacted strongly after the arrest of Erdon Murat, known as Donzi.

The young man from Gjilan was arrested as a suspect for using degrading language towards minor girls on the TikTok social network.

According to the Kosovo Police, the same person, through social networks, talked with minor girls with whom he used vocabulary that sexually encouraged them.

Photo: Fero/Instagram

After that, the rapper, whose real name is Ferdonit Shabani, reacted indignantly in a 'live' video that has already been shared on TikTok.

Fero made a comparison between the language used by his friend and that of Robert Berisha and Milaim Zeka, for whom he said that apart from being older, they use these dictionaries on television.

@donzisbabe Completely with Donzi🤍🤌🏻 #donzitors #donzi #krejtmedonzin #viral #foryoupage ♬ original sound – fan of Donzi🤍

The rapper ended his reaction by saying that according to him there is no state and no justice in Kosovo.

"Donzi, 19 years old, Robert Berisha, 44 years old, Milaim Zeka, more than 44 years old, Milaim and Robert swear on television, they don't swear on apps.

Donzi swears in apps that are 18+.

Plus, Milaim Zeka and Robert Berisha swear more than Donzi, but nobody deals with them.

We have no state and justice here," says Fero.

Otherwise, we remember that just a few weeks ago, the rapper was released from custody, after being arrested for physical violence against a person.