Summary of the drama "Ban Nanyang" promoting slippers

"Elephant Dao Pring" but was linked to politics

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2 Sep. 2022 6:50 p.m.





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Open the source of drama

"Ban Nanyang" to

promote special edition sandals.

"Elephant Dao Pring"

but was linked to politics

Make netizens separate 2 parts, some of them 

#save Nanyang

It has become a story that has been discussed a lot in the online world.

nanyang shoe knot

Notice that they will not produce pink and black sandals again within 8 years until netizens are divided into 2 parties with the hashtags




As a result of the famous brand of shoes, "Nanyang" announced on a Facebook fan page that "if the new song #BLACKPINK hits 80 million views in 24 hours, it will produce a black and pink star elephant" later posted. confirmation message

"Announcement of the production of the pink star elephant or Dao Pring elephant (2022)"

(See original post - click here)

But then it became a topic of drama in the online world when "Nanyang" posted a promotion to prepare to open for reservations for sandals.

"Elephant Dao Pring", but it appears that details of all 24 special edition sandals that have been informed, Article 20 says that "pink and black sandals will not be produced again within 8 years (B.E. 2030)" by using The 8-year issue has led some netizens to criticize whether Nanyang wants to taunt General Prayut Chan-ocha's 8-year term in office, when the Constitutional Court has been ordered to suspend his duties.

However, some opinions view that

Shouldn't do marketing related to politics like this.

Then use the hashtag #bannanyang

While some opinions do not agree with the above point.

with the view that it is a common practice of promoting limited-edition products with the hashtags #save Nanyang and #Support Nanyang

As for the issue of the origin of 8 years of not producing "Dao Pring Elephant" then Mr. Chakphon Chantrawimon, General Manager of Nanyang

Has come out to clarify with the page CasteR G TROY that all our limited edition products

There will be a question whether it will be produced again.

Each model we will not produce again.

Like elephants, Dao Pring will not produce any more.

But if saying that it will not produce pink and black again

will be bound

So I thought I had to set a time.

The part that comes to the origin of 8 years is like watching football and this year there will be a World Cup.

which thought that two World Cups would be appropriate

with people arguing whether it's political or not

We thought it was very far away.

Probably not, but decided.

Because the year brackets are for viewing for a long time and do not link anything to politics.

But when an issue arises, it is solved for 10 years so that there are no issues.

We regret and apologize for misunderstanding everyone.