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The morning begins with a square of the Moon in Scorpio and Saturn in Aquarius.

Try to cancel all important meetings, do not sign business contracts.

It is not recommended to communicate with older people.

You may feel slightly depressed, do not seek comfort in food or vices (eg smoking, etc.).

Instead, go outside for a run or walk, spend time with animals that will give you unconditional love.

The trine Moon in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces in the early afternoon boosts imagination, heightened empathy.

We will start to fill with enthusiasm, curiosity and want to try new things.

Signs and coincidences are especially important on this day

This is an excellent time for spiritual work, meditation, to devote yourself to all your senses.

It's time to enjoy love too!

The Moon sextile Pluto in Capricorn in the late afternoon awakens our sentimental nature.

We have a desire for adventure, new experiences and travel.

We will want and seek change.

Everything we do in terms of finances will be more than successful.

The Moon is in Scorpio until 01:41 on September 3.

The Moon in this sign creates tension and emotional instability.

Many people experience negative feelings and negative emotions.

The inner aggressiveness of many people increases and is ready to kill at any time.

It's good to keep a sense of humor, but without it turning into vicious sarcasm.

Let your thoughts be directed towards creation, not destructiveness.

The genitals and colon are vulnerable.

Expectant mothers these days should avoid any tension, active movement, because now it is easier to have a premature

birth or a miscarriage.

Lunar calendar: 7 lunar day from 1:17 p.m. on September 2 to 2:32 p.m. on September 3

The day is quite complicated.

Old problems need solutions, but they are unlikely to be found now.

It is appropriate to spend the time in peace, at home, in reflection.

They may provoke you, but be careful and do not utter bad and obscene words.

In general, it is better to talk less.

The energy of words on this lunar day is quite strong and has a particularly great meaning.

Be careful what you say because it can come true.

What you strongly wish for someone or yourself - everything can come true.

It is dangerous to curse someone.

Now they are fast acting and coming true.

Unlucky phrases carrying a negative charge can turn against you and bring quite a bit of trouble.

You will have already forgotten what you said, but the wrongly spoken words will affect your life in the most unpleasant way.

Today there is an energy restructuring of the body.

You should not tell lies, show cunning, hide your thoughts.

It is especially dangerous to lie on this day.

Very soon it will become true.

But also on this day all good wishes will come true.

It is very good to pray - the prayer will be heard quickly.

It is a day of exposure, of active struggle against evil.

You must not become sympathetic to the destruction - to tear, to break, to cut.

You should not eat chicken meat, eggs.

The state of health is unpredictable.

Illnesses that occur on this day are easily cured.

The body should not be overcooled, as there is a high probability of catching a cold.

The lungs, throat, vocal cords are vulnerable.

Unfavorable day for dental treatment.

If possible, sex should be slow, with a long love foreplay, with more gentle words, compliments, various love games.

It is good to use music during sex.

Now she enhances the charming effect.

In your relationship, you are only allowed to talk about love.

Grooming is auspicious.

Hair cut on this day catches the waves of the energy-informational field in a wider range.

It enhances intuition, leads to unexpected insights.

You will be able to make correct decisions without resorting to logic.

Solar calendar - 16 solar day - The day is good for people who are responsible, clear and executive.

On the 16th sunny day, any chaos, disorder, bustle should be avoided.

Everything must be clean, put in absolute order.

It is good to talk less and watch every word spoken.

Try to have pure and good thoughts, then your actions will also be