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Megan Fox has problems with her fiance Machine Gun Kelly's "attention-seeking" stunts as she wants to have a "calmer" and "less chaotic" life, reports The News, quoted by "Telegraph". . 

The loved-up couple are raising questions after MGK, whose real name is Coulson Baker, is nowhere to be found in the Transformers star's latest Instagram posts.

A source tells Heat Magazine that the couple may be "on edge" as the actress is fed up with her fiance's immature ways.

Megan Fox has filed for divorce from Brian Austin Green

"Meghan wanted a break from Coulson and his drama," the source said, before adding that the actress was growing tired of Kelly's "childish ways."

"She only went to one or two of his early tour dates and it kind of pissed him off and led to a lot of tense calls while he was on the road," the insider shared.

"As much as Meghan loves him, she finds his attention-seeking and ego hard to accept at times," the outlet notes.

"At the end of the day, Megan wants a quieter, less chaotic life, and she made it clear to Coulson that he should treat her a lot better than some famous rock band," the source added. .

There have been many red flags surrounding the rapper, the most recent of which is that he smashed a wine glass over his head while on stage.

Speculation has been around for quite some time, as fans previously took to Twitter to suggest that Fox and MGK may have parted ways.

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