A girl named Chaylene Martinez from the US state of Idaho revealed how she made sure her fiance didn't cheat on her.

“My fiance just signed a legal document that we notarized saying he has to pay my bills if he ever cheats on me,” Chaylene says in a TikTok video that has over 8 million views.

"So if you cheat on me, you've failed yourself," says the bride-to-be, adding that she doesn't know if she's very smart or crazy.

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"Smart and powerful, a true godsend."

"That's the smartest thing I've ever heard", "can you send us a pdf link of that document", are just some of the comments.

Martinez explained that she and her fiance, who personally printed the document, will not share the details of that "document" because that contract is unique and only applies to their situation.

She added that she has problems with trust, especially with money.

That's why she decided not to reveal the details of that contract, stressing that she thinks the fact that her fiance was ready to sign it was actually "a very romantic gesture."


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