Ukrainians know about the situation in Belarus and the Belarusian volunteers who are fighting for Ukraine, but they do not really want to establish relations with the Belarusian democratic forces.

Such information was announced at the presentation of a joint study of the Belarusian Analytical Workshop and the research agency Info Sapiens, "Zerkalo" reports.

The results of the research were presented by the head of the Belarusian Analytical Workshop in Warsaw, Doctor of Sociology Andrei Vardomatsky.

The survey was conducted by telephone from August 17 to 19, and 1,026 respondents took part in it.

On the seventh month of Russia's war against Ukraine

  • 48.5% of the surveyed Ukrainians noted that they have a bad attitude towards Belarusians, 38% have a good attitude,

  • 89% of respondents know about the protests against falsification of elections in 2020 in Belarus,

  • 70% of respondents know about Belarusian volunteers fighting on the side of Ukraine,

  • 71% of the respondents answered that they know about Belarusian "rail partisans" who tried to delay the movement of Russian troops at the beginning of the war.

A separate block of questions from the researchers concerned whether Ukrainians know about Svetlana Tsikhanovskaya and whether they identify Alexander Lukashenko with the Belarusian people:

  • 77% of respondents know about Svetlana Tsikhanovskaya as the leader of the Belarusian opposition,

  • 44% of Ukrainians believe that Tsikhanovskaya actively supports Ukraine in the war against Russia, 25% of respondents answered that her position is uncertain, almost 3% believe that Tsikhanovskaya supports Russia at all.

    28% of respondents could not answer the question.

Ukrainians also clearly perceive Alexander Lukashenko:

  • 83% of Ukrainians believe that Lukashenka is not the legitimate leader of Belarus.

  • 80% are sure that Belarusians do not share his policy regarding Ukraine.

Regarding the relations between official Kyiv and Alexander Lukashenko and the democratic forces, opinions of Ukrainians are divided:

  • 58% believe that it is necessary to sever all relations with the official authorities of Belarus, even if it will be to the detriment of Ukraine itself, 38% of the respondents offered to support the democratic opposition of Belarus,

  • 28% are inclined to compromise between the previous 2 options,

  • 7.5% agree to support Alexander Lukashenko's side.

The attitude towards the Belarusian democratic forces seems rather cool:

  • 26% of surveyed Ukrainians agree that it is not worth developing relations with them at the state level, 24% believe that it is necessary to limit oneself to official visits,

  • 15% offer to provide support to the democratic forces of Belarus and cooperate with them in every way,

  • 12% said that the relationship should be established, but not advertised.

According to Ukrainians, their authorities should not interact with the democratic forces of Belarus, because it is not clear how much they are under the influence of Russia.

Almost 66% of surveyed Ukrainians think so.

Another 35% believe that the Belarusian opposition is simply weak and will not be able to influence anything.

But 20% of respondents answered that it is not worth talking to Tsikhanovskaya, because such a step could worsen relations with Alexander Lukashenko.