Aleksandra Bogdanska has a new man in her life, persistently gossiping in social circles.

The model demonstrated a significantly higher standard after her divorce from Daniel Petkanov, and this impressed her fans.

All summer, the beauty does not get off the yachts, is photographed with shiny cars, including a brand new "Porsche", and brags about designer clothes and accessories for thousands of BGN, writes Weekend.

Acquaintances reveal that Alexandra has a wealthy lover, but for now she has decided to hide him and not show him in public, so as not to give reasons for more gossip.

The beauty from Blagoevgrad was supposedly suffering a lot because of her ex-husband, but she has clearly come to her senses and decided that there is no point in shedding more tears for him.

Dani Petkanov replaced Alex with a finalist from "The Bachelor"

Along with her friends, she met her current intimate partner, who had a lot of money and did not stop spoiling her.

Bogdanska earns well from her work as a model and influencer, but lately she has been showing a much more glamorous lifestyle than before the divorce.

Every week she buys clothes, shoes and accessories from the latest collections of luxury brands for thousands of euros, and her fans wonder who pays for all these extras.

The rumors that the long-legged beauty has a new benefactor reached the ears of Daniel, who could not find a place for anger.

It was known that he was the initiator of their separation, but now jealousy tormented him and he began to wonder if he had made a mistake in abandoning the mother of his son.

The crazy reporter didn't waste his time going after women either, but they were much simpler than the pretentious Alexandra.

Alex Bogdanska: Daniel is my karmic connection

Petkanov and Bogdanska have been separated since the beginning of the year, and they officially divorced in the spring.

At first, the model complained that the breakup crushed her because her dreams of a happy family were killed.

During this period, she lost 9 kilograms and is still skinny as a veika.

Her hair started to fall out of stress.

According to her, she also suffered from insomnia.

Alex recently released a video in which she explained in detail how she coped with the pain.

For this purpose, she held sessions with a psychologist, who guided her to rediscover herself.

The good thing in this case is that this time the reality stars did not part with a spectacular scandal and managed to maintain normal communication for the sake of their 3-year-old son Gabriel.

This is not their first separation.

Even before they got married, they made up for it very badly because of Alexandra's infidelity with the rich Italian Max.

The Petkanovs are getting divorced because of infidelity

After the wedding, both allegedly abandoned these performances, but then other problems appeared.

Daniel began to feel depressed that his wife had become more successful than him.

In the beginning, he was the more famous of the two, but after their participation in the reality format, the situation changed.

Now Bogdanska is one of the most famous native influencers and has half a million followers on "Instagram".

The crazy reporter is also doing well, but he can't surpass his ex in terms of popularity.

Daniel Petkanov

Alex Bogdanska