Australian fitness influencer Sophie Guidolin (33) with more than half a million followers on Instagram shared a photo in honor of her son Kai.

who turned 15 years old.

Most of the users' attention was drawn to her body, as Sophie was wearing a bikini that did not leave much to the imagination.

Critics immediately slammed him for the inappropriateness of the scene and claimed that Kai looked uncomfortable.

They also accused her of using her son to get more attention, which they consider her completely addicted to, by posing in a bikini.

Defiant Sophie did not give up and did not waver.

She wrote to them “Having a body is normal, having body parts is normal, it's not sexualized, it's nothing to be ashamed of and it's something I repeat on the drive home with my kids.

So, when they see me in a bikini, they don't think anything else but "Hmm, mom is sunbathing, mom is going to the beach, she's going to swim," she explained further.

"When they see me, they never think, 'Oh, what a sexy butt you have.'

"There are a lot of sick people on social networks", someone commented and defended them.

"I think the picture is beautiful," added another.