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DIC syndrome or disseminated intravasal coagulation is the probable cause of the tragedy with the deceased 21-year-old woman in childbirth.

This opinion was expressed by Dr. Ivan Ivanov, manager of the "St.

Ivan Rilski", Gorna Oryahovitsa in front of Nova TV.

The young woman died after a scheduled C-section.

Denislava from Gorna Oryahovitsa entered the medical institution in the city with an overdue appointment.

The duty team left her in the observation ward.

After attempts to induce labor failed, a decision was made, with her express consent, to perform a cesarean section.

The child was born in a stable condition and with normal parameters.

An hour later, however, the woman worsened and began to bleed profusely.

Due to her complicated condition, she was transported to a hospital in Veliko Tarnovo.

Unfortunately, the doctors there were unable to fight for the young mother's life.

Tragedy: 21-year-old woman dies after C-section

“She came on August 20 for monitoring and wanted to give birth normally.

I am lying down until August 26," explained Christian, a friend of the deceased Denislava and the father of her baby.

"She told the team that she had pain in her back, in her kidneys.

Some told her she was faking it," Christian said.

"They told her to wait, that they would put her on a pain reliever system.

Then they said they stopped putting anything on her. Two days in a row they put her on a challenge system, nothing happened.

On the 25th, they decided that they would have a c-section on August 26.

She agrees, she signs," said Elena Stoyanova, mother of the deceased.

The next day, Denislava called her to make her happy with the news that she was a grandmother.

A little later, however, he calls her to tell her that she is in terrible pain.

This was also their last conversation.

Shortly after, he calls Christian to go and identify the baby.

When he goes to the hospital, he says he heard her screaming in pain.

“She was contagious, which is why she was admitted to the ward to be monitored.

A section was performed, there were no complications according to information from colleagues.

About 1 hour after the section, profuse bleeding began.

Extremely profuse.

Resuscitation measures begin immediately," explained Dr. Ivanov.

The husband of the deceased woman in labor: I left her straight, healthy, they returned her to me in a coffin

Transporting from hospital to hospital is a risk, so the doctors first had to stabilize the young woman before transporting her to the hospital in Veliko Tarnovo.

"After being transported to Veliko Tarnovo, she was conscious," says Dr. Ivanov.

According to him, the young woman died as a result of DIK syndrome.

It is an extremely severe condition that results in a 50% mortality rate for women giving birth.

There will still be checks at the hospital. 


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