The Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) has today called on the Government led by Prime Minister Albin Kurti to accept the ten-point plan on solving the problem of the energy crisis the country is facing.

In a press release, LDK says that the energy crisis is a consequence of the Government's mismanagement and its wrong approach, thus causing the country to go, as they say, towards an energy disaster.

"Until Block A5 is fixed, Block A3 falls, causing KEK not to produce even half of its capacity, where 530 MWh are out of production.

In this context, we call on the Government to accept our ten-point plan and save the citizens, because with its current approach, it is leading the country towards an energy disaster", emphasizes LDK.

Furthermore, LDK says that based on current electricity reductions occurring during the summer, this will further worsen with the arrival of the winter season.

"More than a year has passed since the energy crisis, while the Government had enough time to prepare for the coming winter to be more affordable for the citizens, but it failed in the hottest days of the year - the summer days, where energy consumption is lower".

Otherwise, the ten-point plan presented by LDK to deal with the energy crisis foresees the immediate payment of the promised subsidies of 90 million euros for the price of electricity, the repair of Block A5, the creation of mechanisms for the supply of alternative sources for heating at prices affordable for citizens, the preparation of the efficiency and energy saving plan, the negotiation of long-term contracts for energy supply, the reduction of VAT from 8% to 0% for energy bills, the creation of new subsidies for citizens and businesses, the removal of ERO tariffs, the establishment of the joint Kosovo-Albania energy exchange and the preparation of the medium-term strategy for the increase of generating capacities with gas and alternative energy.