Heart will be happy to see such love between women and langurs, you will keep watching VIDEO

It is said that whether human or animal mother's love is the same.

Often such videos keep appearing on social media, in which sometimes an animal is seen mingling with a human child or showering love like a mother-child, and sometimes a human is seen giving any animal to an animal even more than its own child. He is seen taking care of her.

Recently, a similar video is going viral, in which this love of a woman and a child of langurs is touching everyone's heart.

Such love between humans and langurs is rarely seen.

You also see this beautiful video spreading love.

watch video here

This video, which is becoming increasingly viral on the Internet, is very cute, which is telling the definition of love between humans and animals.

In the beginning of the video you will see that there is a fair of langurs on the roof of a house.

Meanwhile, like a child, a woman is seen taking a langur in her lap and feeding milk filled in a bowl.

After a while, the woman is seen calling out the names of other langurs.

During this, another langur comes to the woman's lap and starts drinking milk from the bowl.

Seeing the video, it can be guessed that the woman is showering love on these langurs like her own child.

This video of women and langurs is really touching.

This video has been shared on the social media platform Facebook, which is being seen and liked a lot.

People are lavishing their love by giving different types of reactions after watching the video.

This video has been liked by 326K users so far.

At the same time, 6.6K comments have come on this video so far, while this video has been seen 4.4M times.

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