The Minister of Agriculture, Faton Peci announced through a press conference that the distribution of subsidies to farmers in Kosovo has begun.

During this conference, he stated that during a two-week period the ministry managed to distribute 24.9 million euros to farmers.

"I emphasized that the third week of August will be the week of beginning the processing of funds in the subsidy category.

We have already started for a period of two weeks, we have managed to distribute a total monetary figure of 24.9 million euros to the farmers of the Republic of Kosovo who have applied to the direct payments program for 2022. It is worth noting that a total of beneficiaries up to this stage there are 16 thousand 593 applicants", said Peci.

He further emphasized that in order not to delay payments, the ministry has set the date September 2 to complete the distribution process.

"We have started the process of direct payments, but in order not to be late in the process of distributing the funds, we have set the date September 2, in which all farmers who are cultivators of the wheat crop.

Because the program for direct payments for 2022 in the wheat crop category is a fourfold support", he added.

Peci said that all wheat growers, who present proof of grain storage by September 2, will also receive a special payment.

"Regarding the yield or support with 3 cents for each kilogram of wheat, we have set the date for September 2, so all farmers who have been wheat growers should submit their evidence to the municipal directorates for agriculture, until September 2 and that evidence to proceed to the Ministry of Agriculture.

We will then make a special payment to all those farmers who decide to deposit the quantities of wheat with the millers", he concluded.