The well-known Albanian singer, Linda Halimi, continues to be active and very popular on social networks.

She shares almost every day with her fans different photos and videos from her daily life, while in most cases there are also provocative poses.

Recently, the performer of the hit "S'ta fal" published a video on her official account on TikTok, where she did not hesitate to reveal her body lines.

Photo: Linda Halimi/TikTok

In the published video, the singer from Vitia appears taking different poses, wearing a pair of red and white two-piece bikinis.

Photo: Linda Halimi/TikTok

She makes sure to constantly flaunt her toned body lines, which come as a result of her commitment to fitness.

Photo: Linda Halimi/TikTok

Linda is so connected to the gym and physical activity that for a while she even worked as a personal trainer in the first years of moving to America.


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